Routine maintenance

Why choose Ascensori Rossini? Here are the advantages:

Multi-brand support in your area.
Ascensori Rossini’s know-how guarantees complete support on every type of system:

  • The service covers the following areas: the provinces of Cuneo, Savona, the Southern Turin province
  • 24/7 customer service managed in-house by our Team

 Maintenance technicians: young, experienced, operational

  • 1 head technician;
  • 7 maintenance technician teams;
  • average age: 35

 Technology at the service of safety.
Ascensori Rossini relies on an in-house IT Department that operates with a constantly updated customised CRM.
Connected to the PDA of all our technicians, it provides real-time information and the history of the system being serviced.

We have the numbers to guarantee utmost support.

  • In-house warehouse: over 120,000 parts
  • Average system downtime between telephone call and start of intervention: ~ 87 mins
  • Average time required for system service: ~ 57 mins

The customer is a member of the rossini family.

The Ascensori Rossini Sales Network manages the customer relationship through listening to each other, sharing ideas and constant proximity. These values are part of the ethics of a company that is first and foremost a family: that includes our customers.  

Tailored solutions for any need.

They say that Ascensori Rossini costs a bit more. That’s true, because we operate according to a tailored approach. We design and implement tailor-made solutions for any need. The same goes for service, customised answers down to the finest details, not constrained by the normal standard contract approach.

In-house technical department: more room for quality

An absolute strength is the In-House Technical Department.
This is where latest generation or redevelopment systems are designed. Care and attention in the choice of quality materials, to ensure reliability and long life, is the basis of our production process


Thanks to the experience acquired over 55 years and new technologies, we guarantee Extraordinary Maintenance operations that mean we propose system replacement only as a last resort, when repairs do not provide sufficient assurances.

Modernisation interventions can be technical, such as the expansion of the cabin to remove architectural barriers, or aesthetic, such as the replacement of fixtures or interior panels of the cabin to renew its appearance.

There are countless solutions. We are able to customise and submit the best intervention strategy in terms of safety, energy saving, increased comfort and economic savings (possibility of interest-free credit).

Was your system installed by a company that no longer exists? No problem. By intervening in a targeted way on certain essential components (e.g.: cabins, doors, push-button panels, control panels, etc.) it is possible to solve the problems typical of old lifts of any type, make and year. 

Thanks to the Extraordinary Maintenance service, we can update the mechanical functions, extending the operating life of the system and ensuring greater safety and comfort.

It’s easier than you think!
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