Products and services

A large-scale choice.

Only one goal, the quality of the service and the product, expressing itself in the ability to operate with flexibility to provide innovative and customised answers.

The product range includes traditional electric lifts, piston-operated hydraulic lifts systems and mini lifts/lifting platforms to overcome architectural barriers (minimum structural interventions are required for the installation).
In addition we cannot forget to mention the range of stairlifts - with platform or chair - and freight elevators, which can handle any load capacity, from 25 kilos for food elevators to several thousand kilos for car elevators.

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Special product lines

  • Electric lifts without machine rooms
  • Lifts with reduced pit and/or headroom
  • Lifting platforms for disabled people
  • Freight elevators with operator

We guarantee

  • Tailor-made and highly customised projects
  • A network of skills
  • Attention to detail and strict choice of materials
  • Maximum safety
  • Extreme functionality
  • Contemporary design
  • Quality beyond normal standards

People and tools for utmost customer satisfaction

  • In-house technical department
  • Spacious in-house warehouse and mobile workshops for increasingly fast intervention
  • Internal development of the management software for monitoring all of the procedures
  • A network of contacts through the area covered by our service always available to the customer


Services at your service


Installation of lift systems recent and historical buildings. 

Flexible solutions for small spaces with strict structural constraints. We collaborate daily with a network of companies for ancillary works as:

  • metalworking
  • masonry
  • supply and installation of windows and doors

Lifting platform

Features of lifting platforms designed for disabled people:

  • reduced power consumption without needing the 380V power supply
  • possibility of installing a cabinet instead of a machine room
  • elimination of pit and headroom in order to reduce the masonry costs
  • minimum maintenance costs
  • no obligation to install a dedicated phone line

and assistance

We can intervene on any type of lift system, even if we did not install it. 

Maintenance and assistance are provided by our specialised and constantly updated Team.
We grant 24/7 availability in case of people stuck inside the cabin.