Seven values in one brand

They are the values that stem from our history and that we also transmit every day to customers, employees and suppliers.
They are the cornerstones on which our Code of Ethics is structured





At the heart of our corporate ethics. Safety of the end product is linked to that of production processes, in order to safeguard the health of those who work to guarantee Ascensori Rossini quality.


For every need, unique and innovative proposals are designed, specific to each living and/or working context, solutions updated to the most recent technical and eco-sustainability standards.


Those who rely on us are put in a position of not having to worry about anything; we take care of every detail, from design to installation and subsequent maintenance, providing a turnkey service and a single point of contact.


We feel it is our duty to inform customers about every aspect, in order to give them the opportunity to make their choices beyond the constraints and standard solutions imposed by multinational companies in the industry. This is the absolute advantage for those who choose Ascensori Rossini products and services. 

We have always acted with reference to a corporate Code of Ethics to ensure absolute respect for the customer.


Competent, highly specialised personnel with more than ten years of experience work throughout the entire process in relationships of utmost trust with customers.


Immediate interventions for the timely resolution of emergencies are combined with responsiveness and responsibility in problem solving.

Always at the customer’s side, as a guarantee of integrity and reliability: 24 hours a day.

Every Ascensori Rossini project is the result of a direct and constant relationship with the customer.


Lending an ear to every slightest request. Listening is the compass that guides our work process. It is concrete proof of the attention we pay to our customers.